Agia Efimia this area owes its name to the small white Church of Agia Efimia situated near the harbour. Agia Efimia is a quaint little fishing village situated on the east-coast of the Island. It is surrounded by mountains to the north, west and south, which forms the Pyllaros Valley. Before the 1953 earthquakes, this seaside town was one of the island's more important centres of trade. It was rebuilt with assistance from the French, today it is a picturesque provincial town with a small harbour which accommodates yachts and ferry-boats. Its inhabitants fish for a living or work in the tourist industry. From here the ferry can be taken to the nearby island of Ithaca and the mainland port of Astakos.

Whilst driving along the eastern mountain road after visiting Horgota, I had my first glimpse of Agia Efimia. I had to stop the car as I could not concentrate on my driving, (the road here is high, very winding and has no barriers protecting drivers from steep drops). The scene below of Agia Efimia was absolutely breathtaking. I just sat on some rocks beside the road absorbing the magnificent views of the island of Ithaca to my left, Sami across the bay, and the rest of Kefalonia stretching out below me. It was very difficult not to stare at the deep blue colour of the sea which was hypnotic.

After some time, I continued my journey down to the town and had a most enjoyable drive along the low coastal road, which is at times only a few meters away from the sea, leading to Sami.

Kefalonia is fascinating, just when you think you have seen the most breathtaking view . . . there is another one around the next bend!

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