'Kounopetra' meaning swaying rock is situated approximately 10 kilometers south of Lixouri on the picturesque Cape of Akrotiri, 5 kilometers beyond the village of Manzavinata. A large slab of the coastal rock a few centimeters from shoreline at one time used to move rhythmically, uninterruptedly in an east-to-west direction, it's gentle movement was visible from the shore. It made 20 vacillations a minute.

Before the earthquake in 1867, the rock almost touched the shoreline and visitors would place a knife between them, which would be pressed against it, but after the earthquake the gap widened. Tradition claims that English ships tied thick ropes and chains around 'Kounopetra' in an unsuccessfully attempted to either remove it or at least displace it to stop the movement. After the earthquakes of 1953 the rock stopped moving. The earthquakes shifted sections of the seabed, stabalising its base.

This area is very peaceful, from Lixouri it is a very nice drive past the turning for Xi beach and onto Kounopetra bay, which is a 'safe' area now is one of the best on the island for snorkeling.

. . . an idyllic setting, which I am pleased to say has no signs of any tourism.

Update: I returned to this area in 2007 and found quite a change from my last visit in 2005. It was certainly no longer remote as there had been quite a number of villas and apartments recently built in and around this area. In fact, I found that the Lixouri side of the Island has had an influx of tourism. It remains to be seen if this has any detrimental effect to this side of the Paliki peninsula.

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