Fiskardo, probably one of the most picturesque places on Kefalonia, is the most northern village on the island; it still has original pre-1953 Venetian buildings. The town escaped serious damage caused by the 1953 earthquake because of the local geology, most of the tremors were absorbed through the bed of limestone it sits on.

The village waterfront plays host to whitewashed shops, balconies decorated with bright flowers, sleepy cafe bars, fruit sellers, fishing boats and visiting yachts, varied tavernas and small craft shops.
The sheltered bay looks out towards the mountainous coastline of Ithaca. Daily ferries from Fiskardo visit the small port of Frikes in Ithaca and Vassiliki in Lefkas. Beaches in secluded coves, surrounded by cypress and olive trees, can be found on either side of Fiskardo Bay.

I drove here early morning, past Assos the dramatic coastal road turns inland, it is then quite an easy drive up to Fiskardo. I sat and had breakfast with my daughter in one of the local tavernas, the sea just lapping gently along the shoreline a few inches away from us. It was very tranquil with a beautiful view of the bay.

Once the tourist season has finished only 20-30 inhabitants remain here for most of the year. Unfortunately Fiskardo is very popular during the summer months with many coaches full of tourists arriving throughout the day, timing your visits to avoid them is a must, to be able to enjoy its true atmosphere.

Get it right and you will be rewarded with tranquillity . . . with breathtaking views of Ithaca across the bay.

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