My journey from the port of Sami on Kefalonia to Ithaca was very pleasant, in less than an hour the ferry was docking at Ithaca's very tiny port of Piso Aetos. Although very small the port becomes extremely busy with its very narrow road full of vehicles not only disembarking, but also many waiting to board the ferry for the return trip back to Kefalonia. No transport is available here whatsoever, so you need to arrange transport before you arrive or bring your own with you. The road from the port heading up is very steep and narrow; I would not recommend anyone trying to walk out from here. Once the top road is reached it is then a fairly easy drive of about twenty minutes to the capital, Vathi.

I arrived at Piso Aetos quite early in the afternoon for my return trip back to Kefalonia; I was pleasantly surprised at the transformation from when I arrived in the morning. Apart from my own there was just one other vehicle waiting. The small ferry master's hut was closed; there was one other hut with an inhabitant selling cold drinks. A couple of small boats were moored on the other side of the jetty, with two or three people swimming just offshore. The whole scene here was laid-back and peaceful, I wandered around in a very relaxed atmosphere absorbing the wonderful distant view of Kefalonia.

Within an hour, just before the ferry arrived, the whole placed changed again to the hustle and bustle of a very busy port with the whole of the access road clogged with vehicles. I would not have believed the transformation unless I had seen it myself.

. . . It was absolutely incredible.

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