Travelling along the main coast road towards the southern end of the island, located between the busy resorts of Skala and Lourdata, a small turning leads down to the small fishing village of Katelios. It consists of a small harbour, a beach with several restaurants.

These southern beaches are important nesting habitats for the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles 'Caretta caretta'. It is also the headquarters of the 'Katelios Group for the Research and Protection of Marine and Terrestrial Life'. It is a local initiative that seeks to research and protect the population of the Loggerhead turtles on Kefalonia.

Weekly presentations are held during the summer in Katelios and nearby resorts in order to increase awareness of the local environment. An Environmental Centre is also open daily in Katelios.

Mounda (or Kaminia), Kefalonia's major turtle nesting beach, is about a fifteen-minute walk around the headland, if you go over the rocks at the end of Katelios beach.

Although Katelios is very small village, it has become very popular with tourists; there are some very fine restaurants here which on various evenings live Greek music can heard being played by local musicians. The local people are very friendly which adds to a very relaxed atmosphere.

Sitting in a restaurant with the sea just a few feet away listening to Greek music really is a wonderful way to relax and spend the warm summer evenings!

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