The journey to Mirtos beach is certainly spectacular, on nearing Mirtos near vertical slopes lead down to the sea. I was absolutely amazed to see goats perched on small footholds on the side of the mountainside. According to legend, the goats of Kefalonia can survive for six months without water by breathing in the moisture in the air.

Mirtos beach is one of the world's most photographed beaches. Standing on the coast road looking down, I can appreciate why this is so.

It is a totally breathtaking coastline with Mirtos at its centre. It is very difficult to describe the depth of colour in the sea around Mirtos, depending on the weather, if the sea is calm, it is like a mirror reflecting all the various deep blues you can imagine, to the milky blues when the sea is rough and huge waves pound the shoreline which makes you gasp at the splendour.

With all this beauty there is a hidden side to Mirtos. The reason for the deep blue colour comes from the great depths of the sea here, dangerous currents have claimed the lives of even strong swimmers in past years.

Lifeguards patrol the shoreline during the tourist season and everyone is banned from entering the water when the sea is extremely rough.

Mirtos really is 'Beauty and the Beast' . . . But oh! What a sight to see!

Update: I was very lucky that on my visit in 2007 the sea was very calm and I was finally able to swim in absolutely crystal clear waters here. It was one of the best swims I have ever had on this magnificent island.

2014 update: The island was hit in January and February, 2014 by 2 major earthquakes followed by hundreds of aftershocks. I found the main coast road up to Mirtos impassable, blocked by rockfalls. I detoured across the island to Sami, along the coast road to Agia Effimia then up to the high mountain village of Komitata (all of which appeared undamaged), I then cut across the island again to come out north of Assos, then down to Mirtos where the road is being repaired and the mountain is being pinned back, also a concrete safety barrier is being built. Furthermore, a bridge is to be constructed to take the roadway across the nasty bends around Mirtos. Seven million euros have been allocated for the work to be carried out in the near future.

2019 update: I had a wonderful drive from Arogostoli along the beautiful picturesque coastal road to Mirtos. I was very pleased to see that all the damage that had occurred here during the major 2014 earthquakes have been repaired. The mountainside has been pinned back and all the scheduled repairs around Mirtos completed. The island has recovered remarkably well after such major earthquakes. Mirtos beach was as beautiful as ever, and the sea was so calm. Even though I have seen it so many times over the years it still takes my breath away . . . It really is a sight to see.

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