Poros is lush and green and one of the three ports of the island with daily connections to Kylini and the Greek mainland. It has an attractive and compact centre with shops, bars and tavernas. After the earthquake of 1953, which destroyed the few fishermen's houses, it was rebuilt at the foot of the mountains Pahni and Atros. 

The sea, which is clear and transparent waters offers a spectacular sight with a variety of colours. The area is renowned as a fishing port, while its caves are a shelter for the seal Monachus-Monachus and the Loggerhead turtle Caretta-Caretta.

I will always remember my first glimpse of Poros, as I was driving from Skala along the scenic coast road, I could see large rocks out to sea which looked wonderful in the evening light, so I stopped the car and in the distance through some foliage I saw Poros for the first time, and thought, "what an absolutely beautiful little place". Strolling around the area I could feel a very pleasant atmosphere here and it was very disappointing when it was time for me to leave.

The route continues through green hills and gorges and the famous ravine "The Poros Defile" one of the most beautiful geological phenomena of Kefalonia. It is an 80-metre precipice, with steep slopes. This wild and majestic terrain is associated with a strange myth which claims that the indentations in the rocks are the footprints of the gigantic supernatural hero Hercules, it is said that the arrogant hero did not deign to take the normal road to reach his destination . . .

. . . myth or not, it is all absolutely spectacular to see!

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